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In the Beginning

I walked over to see what the commotion was aboutand she burst into tears. My new hair salon was barely a few months old, and I was already wanting to pull my hair out. Here I was standing face to face with an erratic client who was not happy with her hair.

She came in wanting sew-in extensions with a bob cut. But, the issue wasn’t the install itself, nor was it the haircut. I am proud to say that my stylist executed flawlessly. The PROBLEM was her HAIR EXTENSIONS.

Hi, my name is Kendra Cosey, owner and founder of Her Best Virgin Hair Extensions. The year was 2011. With little money, and absolutely no knowledge of the industry, I opened the doors of Sew St. Louis Salon, a salon specializing in hair extensions. While building my business in St. Louis, I  was simultaneously attending school in Atlanta.

As if being a new business owner wasn't hard enough, we were experiencing frequent issues with clients bringing in poor-quality hair extensions. Besides being a waste of money for them, it also made it difficult for us to provide a quality hairstyle, which then caused problems in other areas of the business.

But during that time, Virgin Hair was unheard of and purchasing hair online was a foreign concept.

Like most, this specific client purchased packaged hair from the local beauty supply. However, after all of the hard work it took to braid her hair, sew in the extensions and cut her hair into the desired hairstyle, when the stylist tried to curl it, the hair melted, and there was nothing we could do.

Apparently, she spent nearly $200 on this hair and was told that it was “good hair.” I will admit, that hair was a lot of things, but good wasn't one of them. In fact, it wasn’t even 100% human hair.


It was at this very moment that I made the decision to help women (and myself) with this terrible, horrible, no good very bad hair problem. But, I wasn't quite sure how. I just knew I had to start somewhere.

So, over the period of 1 year, I invested hundreds of hours and literally, thousands of dollars into wearing, analyzing and assessing hair from dozens of different distributors around the world. I have a Golden Rule that I won't sell anything that I'm not confident in wearing myself.

I even traveled to China and Vietnam to visit hair manufacturers direct in order to ensure that I am receiving the best quality hair at the best possible prices.


We are qualified experts in providing women with great quality hair extensions. We guarantee that what you're buying is worth the money spent. If you need quality virgin and the convenience of same-day pick up, we can definitely help you.

We provide some of the finest Virgin Brazilian, Vietnamese, Peruvian and Indian hair the world has to offer. We also offer a variety of different textures including Loose Wave, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Straight and Curly. 

Whether you need bundles, frontals, closures or wigs, we are stocked and ready to serve you. With a 100% satisfaction rating from our thousands of customers, being the best hasn't been an easy task. But, it has been well worth it. After all, my reputation is on the line.



Kendra Cosey